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Prashant Kishor with Sankarshan Thakur— In His First Ever Public Interaction

1 thought on “Prashant Kishor with Sankarshan Thakur— In His First Ever Public Interaction”

  1. “Yaang people” like Pras(h)ant Kis(h)ore are pure mercenaries. There is nothing wrong in that. But we paid the cost. On the other hand, this kind of election campaign management is downright silly. What stops parties from doing it in-house? Lack of talent or vision (vizen)? This whole snake-oil about strategies does not make sense. This is basic stuff. Or, is it the impression created that it is vital? Management types telling you how it is such a crucial step if you want to win elections are “huzely overrated”, but then end up selling their own myth and prolonging its longevity and infallibility, no matter how superficially self-effacing they may seem. Bah! New age politics. Complete rubbish. I am not sure you had the patience to sit through this “sit” com comfortably. (Sit, as Prasant Kisore might say).

    On quite another note, I am informed here that you are followed by 52,291 other people and I am astounded that no one comments here. Am I breaking some unspoken rule that no one should comment here? If so, I shall resist the temptation, henceforth. I might be making a fool of myself by being an atheist and yet praying to a mute idol :D (No, no, no response required, just kidding).

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