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Nitish Taunt to BJP Brass: Not Prepared To Commit Sati At Altar of Narendra Modi’s Ambitions

New Delhi, April 17: Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar appears convinced Narendra Modi is in unstoppable surge as BJP spearhead for 2014 and has directed his war-room to prepare to go it alone. “The BJP leadership has known for a long time Narendra Modi is not acceptable to us, but it is clear his projection as prime ministerial candidate is nothing anybody in that party can prevent, even if they wish,” sources close to Nitish Kumar told The Telegraph today, “Both sides know this alliance is all but over.”

Nitish’s penny-drop moment on Modi’s inexorable march came during two private meetings he had over the weekend with BJP president Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley, a key architect of Bihar’s ruling alliance. Nitish is believed to have re-drawn the line on Narendra Modi with both leaders but received no assurance. On the contrary, he returned with the impression that Modi’s ascent was inevitable. Sources suggested he felt disappointed top BJP leaders — “even of the seniority of L.K. Advani, under whom we fought the last election” — have not stepped in to save the alliance. A key aide of Nitish Kumar, in fact, sardonically mocked senior BJP leaders saying, “It seems they have been rendered voiceless at the peak of their political careers, Modi is about to give them all a golden handshake and they are unable to pull their hands and play their own card.”

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