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Maldives: The Big Migraine from India’s Tiniest Neighbour

New Delhi, Feb 13: India’s littlest neighbour is causing it some of the severest bouts of diplomatic migraine.

As the foreign office finessed final preparations to host French President Francois Hollande, who arrives on a two-day visit tomorrow, a fresh crisis in the Maldives dragged South Block into a dilemma it may to be loathe to grapple with.

Former President Mohammed Nasheed walked into the Indian mission in Male with a team of six MPs this afternoon seeking to meet the High Commissioner Dnyaneshwar Mulay. Nasheed, dodging arrest and a summons to appear in a Maldivian criminal court on charges of unlawfully detaining a former judge, had clearly arrived without an appointment; Mulay wasn’t there to receive him. Nasheed said he would wait. A little later, he announced he wasn’t leaving and pleaded for New Delhi’s intervention because he thought his life in danger.

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