LazyEye, Telegraph Calcutta

Kaagaz ke Phool, Kaagaz ke Kaante

Beware you are nobody
If your body has no papers
You are nothing but a body
And you shall pay for the drapers.

There is a historic, metaphoric dread and coldness attached to that question when it pops up: “Papers, please?” I would recommend a reading. A reading of the past remains critical to understanding the present and the negotiation of the future. What would you do today if you did not know what you were yesterday? What would you tell tomorrow where you’ve come from? “Papers, please.” How do you think you may react to that question? Actually, that is not put to you as a question. That is put to you as a demand. A dare. “Papers, please.” Consequences follow. Continue reading “Kaagaz ke Phool, Kaagaz ke Kaante”

LazyEye, Telegraph Calcutta

Bahut Shukriya, Badi Meherbani

Kadam choom loon yaa ke
Main aankhen bichhaa doon
Karoon kya ye meri
Samajh mein naa aaye.

Isn’t it so? Good. Very good. This is how I expected it to be. This is how I was told it would be. By my good friend. You know who. Did you get that? You didn’t. I bet you didn’t. Because you don’t want to. I know. You are fake folks. You peddle fake news. I know. You lie. You’re liars. Your record of lying, we all know. Of course we know. Don’t we, people? Continue reading “Bahut Shukriya, Badi Meherbani”