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Maldives: The Big Migraine from India’s Tiniest Neighbour

New Delhi, Feb 13: India’s littlest neighbour is causing it some of the severest bouts of diplomatic migraine.

As the foreign office finessed final preparations to host French President Francois Hollande, who arrives on a two-day visit tomorrow, a fresh crisis in the Maldives dragged South Block into a dilemma it may to be loathe to grapple with.

Former President Mohammed Nasheed walked into the Indian mission in Male with a team of six MPs this afternoon seeking to meet the High Commissioner Dnyaneshwar Mulay. Nasheed, dodging arrest and a summons to appear in a Maldivian criminal court on charges of unlawfully detaining a former judge, had clearly arrived without an appointment; Mulay wasn’t there to receive him. Nasheed said he would wait. A little later, he announced he wasn’t leaving and pleaded for New Delhi’s intervention because he thought his life in danger.

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2013, New Delhi, News, Telegraph Calcutta

From Afghanistan, A Worrying Cry for Help

In Kabul

In Kabul

New Delhi, Jan 30: Restive over Pakistan’s centrality to their reconciliation roadmap, influential Afghan sections are lobbying New Delhi to play pro-active counterpoint. The irony is the Afghan High Peace Council itself has handed Pakistan pre-eminence in its peace scheme and left little room for an Indian role. Continue reading “From Afghanistan, A Worrying Cry for Help”

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Salman ‘right fit’ and a combative choice


New Delhi, Oct. 28: The pink slip has turned fig leaf for the discarded S.M. Krishna; he at least got his departure note right.

Krishna can now credibly claim he was being sagely rather than sarcastic when he pre-empted being dumped by announcing he wanted to make way for “youngsters… who are the flavour of the season”.

Salman Khurshid, who assumes his chair in the ministry of external affairs (MEA), is almost 20 years his junior and, at 59, one of India’s youngest foreign ministers. Continue reading “Salman ‘right fit’ and a combative choice”