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Afzal Guru: A Hanging in Delhi; A Resurrection in Kashmir?

New Delhi, Feb 9: Naeem Akhtar daren’t go on television today.

As spokesman for Kashmir’s main opposition, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Akhtar is a familiar face and voice on the Valley’s tricky socio-political discourse. His latest intervention was last week’s polite pooh-poohing of the fatwa on the girl-band “Praagaash” as frivolous and defamatory of Islam.

But this morning he begged off live cameras, intensely distressed by the causes and consequences of Afzal Guru’s hanging, unable, yet, to get a measure of its future portents. “I don’t want to be part of this discourse,” he told The Telegraph on phone from Srinagar, “I am wondering if there is even place for me in this discourse, what has happened is a huge setback to voices of reason in Kashmir, it has dramatically narrowed the liberal space.”

Almost morose of tone, he added: “I understand a crime and its legal implications, but there are also issues of evidence against a man and the morality of fair trial. Is it not true that mercy too is part of the legal framework of India? Could it be true that in trying to win another election this government may have lost another generation of Kashmiris?” Continue reading “Afzal Guru: A Hanging in Delhi; A Resurrection in Kashmir?”

2013, New Delhi, News, Telegraph Calcutta

The Modi Lunch EU Pushed Under the Table









New Delhi, Feb. 8: The prospect of Narendra Modi’s quickened surge to the national centrestage has compelled the European Union (EU) nations to dissolve their cold shoulder to the Gujarat chief minister

Forsaken for more than a decade for his alleged human rights stains from the protracted anti-Muslim violence of 2002, Modi was sought over for an extended working lunch by EU ambassadors here in early January, shortly after he won a third successive term in power. Continue reading “The Modi Lunch EU Pushed Under the Table”